NOTE: ALL MCS3451 TV Production Students

Final Exam 9am Thursday October 19

IIS Building, 7th floor, room 1




Day 7 Self Reflection

Please read and think about THIS LINK. What are some questions that you can pose in response to this reading? Speak and write about your reflective practice to the best of your ability.  This level of understanding is related to the work I am expecting you to produce, hopefully.



The following work is due on Day 7.

Print and Bring to Class

Today we learned and built new knowledge about the challenges of PRESENTATION, true? Please feel free to ask questions.

  • Prepare and POST your personal list of at least three (3) guidelines that YOU learned today in making digital media presentations to the public.  Do not copy and paste someone’s list.  POST this list of three guidelines, each with at least one sentence description, total 200 words maximum, 50 word minimum.  Should be in first person “I”  (I learned if x then y, for example).  Your personal knowledge and self-inquiry writing are important. Describe what you have learned.
  • All groups PRODUCE version 2 of PowerPoint presentation. PRESENT v2 in class.  I am interested to know about your experience working together in a group, and what surprises you experienced.
  • Please be able to articulate in written and spoken English about the scope and nature of your project–you should be able to describe your project, your role in the project (not just the job title), the meaning or significance of the project and of your new knowledge, and lots more in at least 3-4 sentences in writing.  PRINT and POST.  I will only accept papers that conform to the guidelines for format that I have previously submitted.  See Syllabus for format guidelines.
  • Your final group project work v3 will be due and presented in class on Day 8.  We will view your work in class.
  • Your final written exam will be on Day 8.
  • Discover ways to use Facebook, Linkedin and other social media with your blog.  Develop a list of followers and also follow the blogs of others.  It is a network and system of knowledge that can lead you to a diversity of ideas, places and peoples.


Day 5


  1. Improve your website by organizing the posts, creating categories and adding your own photos.  Make the site well-organized and clear for visitors.  The site is about YOU.
  2. PRODUCE a Powerpoint Presentation about the work your group is doing on PROJECT 1.  Your presentation should be detailed with examples, and be about 15-20 minutes in duration.
  3. PRODUCE video, photography, text, record the NARRATION and audio elements for PROJECT 1, then begin to EDIT.  Make sure your SCRIPT is updated as you make edits.
  4. READING 1

QUESTIONS from READING (write a few COMPLETE sentences in response to each question).  v1 is due in class on Thursday.  These questions will appear on your final exam.

answer these questions

  • What is Fair Use?  Please be able to describe this term from memory.
  • What is copyright?  How is it different from rules against plagiarism?  Please be able to describe these terms from memory.

Extra Credit:

  • Describe an example when Fair Use of a particular visual or audio element is a right.  What would justify that right?
  • What are some of the risks assumed by those with a good faith belief they are within their Fair Use rights? What kinds of troubles can one have by arbitrarily using a copyright-protected element?
  • What are the rules or codes concerning Fair Use in Thailand? Is there a legal concept of Fair Use in Thailand? What are the penalties?
  • What are your options under Fair Use if a rights-holder contests or refuses use of a disputed AV element?

Please do no cut and paste your neighbor’s work.  Try to speak about Fair Use, copyright and plagiarism.  Do original work to the best of your own ability.

You should WRITE and PRINT your short answers, plus be prepared to SPEAK in class, demonstrating your knowledge of Fair Use in TV and visual arts practice, internationally and in Thailand.


Day 5 Plan of Work



This is the list I have of students and blog addresses.

At this point your blog should be improving with more posts, images, links and interesting text about the scope and nature of who you are.

IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PROVIDE ME WITH ACCURATE INFORMATION>I will be using the below-listed blog addresses to access your work for the class.

Suppit Panya

Jirawan Phumcharoen
Napha Saraphu
Christopher Hebky
Linda Schmidt
Dyrpatr Mark Powell

Wilawan Klinkasorn
Phunit L.
Naphatson Phumsok
Pongporn Madyongsak
Narissa Nanthaisong
Yeshi Choden
Areena Boonkim
Lavinia Gerster
Pongpaga Jompathong
Saruyn Intarakambonghong
Suppong Srisawat
Watcharakorn Sae-Lim
Woraporn Sepsook
Kachamat Krainara
Suttinan Tanyphan
Sayampon Wangsa
Alexander Kurilko
Saskia Nies
Junhan Wang
Napat Thanadechachai
Nada Chelachol
Visit Ubonpuch
Jang Hun Kim
Nathan Stone
Woraporn Nawaput
Namfon Weeks
Obioma Anusiem
Adina Garcia
Younghun Kim
Apichyaporn Thppawan
Nicole Louise Poblete



Please feel free to speak to me about finding ways to improve your study habits and grades.




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Day 3 Deliverables:

1) BLOG: Your Blog/theme should consist solely of original text or imagery.  Your Blog should offer a variety and increasing number of POSTS about your work in the class.  How can you attract more readers to your site?  How can you enhance the contents of your site?

2) READ:

READ: Resources and Context from the class website

3) PRODUCE Audio Slide Show

What is an audio slideshow?

Steps of audio slideshow production

Start taking photos, shooting video, conducting interviews and re-writing your script as you make changes.  The script should reflect what you are gathering during production, and what you do to the sequence during editing.

Day 2 Deliverables:

1) Write 12-shot script in two-column format, print and bring to class, and POST to your blog as a PDF.

2) POST on your Blog at least 1-2 times about your experience with Project 1.  Tell a story about what you did, learned, and hope to do.  Use words, images or audio elements.

3) DEFINE and RECALL Vocabulary terms

4) READ Ch 16 pp 52-55

5) READ Four Kinds of Blogs

EXTRA CREDIT: Expand your 12 shot script with more shots!

Project 2 Two-column scriptwriting

1) Watch at least one VIDEO about “How to write a two column script.”  Click HERE for one example.

2) Write a 12-shot script (for example, “How to x” or “What is x”) in two-column format—video/pic on the left side, audio/voice over on the right side.  The script can tell a story based upon your research about NGOs.

NOTE: Use an infinitive verb (plus a prepositional phrase, nothing more), for example(s), to run, to chop, to cut in line, to search for your keys, to taste the rum, etc.

Voice over: What words/sentences shall we hear underneath the video/pic?


Please be able to define and recall these terms


Project Development











Master Shot